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android let youtube run in background

Mar 18,  · YouTube official Android app don't allow playing YouTube videos in the background. Thankfully, we have Android apps, that can bypass it. Jan 28,  · Play YouTube in the Background on Android. A few years ago, the Google Play Store listed a bunch of apps – uListen and SuperTube to name a few – that would let you use YouTube as a background music player but they’ve all been removed now. Jul 08,  · play youtube videos in background Android how to play youtube videos in background How to Enable Background Playback on Official Youtube App .

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First up, you will need to make sure that notifications are enabled for Chrome under the general app settings, which should be on by default. Navigate to the android let youtube run in background YouTube website and pick whatever video you want to listen to. Next up, you must pause the video and then switch to another tab or app.

The volume notification will remain in place, hit play, and you can continue to listen to the video in the background. You can switch in and out of apps and the video will still play, and playback can even be controlled from the lockscreen. However, we have experienced mixed results trying out this trick on a number of different smartphones. Perhaps this has something to do with the way notifications are handled. And please let us know your results in the comments below. Robert Triggs. Comments Read comments, android let youtube run in background.

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android let youtube run in background


Jun 15,  · Remember, this is just a workaround to let YouTube videos run in the background while you do other stuff on your phone. However, if you want to minimize the videos using the YouTube app then you’ll have to wait till Google launches YouTube Red feature in India. Feb 25,  · The biggest problem on YouTube one incurs is that your music stops as soon you leave your youtube app while trying to perform other I see a lot of. Oct 19,  · How to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS. New Some phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and LG’s V30 offer split-screen multitasking that will let .