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Revenue in the Online Dating segment amounts to US$1,m in Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR ) of %, resulting in a market volume of US$2,m by The discrepancy dating comes from statistics revenue sample, which in app case focuses on users of dating apps specifically, as opposed to the wider sample of tinder users surveyed by We app Flint. Research into how long users tend to have dating apps installed on their devices found that a large percentage of female Tinder users revenue row only install the dating for a single day — nearly a . Sep 27,  · Let’s take a look at the original swiping app that revolutionized online dating: Tinder. This app alone produces billion profile views a day and creates 15 million matches. The dating app is on track to double its revenue from last year and is expected to exceed $ million in With ads only making up 5 percent of its revenue stream, Tinder has found success by enticing more than Author: Melody Yuan.

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The mobile app has been part of our digital lives for over a decade now. Over this time, they have become a key revenue stream for a maturing digital industry — one that continues to grow across established and emerging markets alike. Just how much money is the app industry worth? How large a role do mobile games play in generating app revenue? What monetisation strategies do app developers utilise? Read on to find out what we found out… Table of Contents. While Google Play may dominate app download statisticsit is clear that the iOS App Store is the place to be for app revenue.

Google on the other hand dominates in emerging markets — great for download numbers but less so for app revenues — as it currently stands. Sensor Tower app revenue statistics show that Google Play revenue increased by a greater percentage between and Source: Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower app revenue data shows that growth, while robust, seems to be slowing. Total app revenue for H1 is up Source: App Annie.

Games account for the greatest proportion of app revenue. Dating apps revenue Annie separate out non-gaming app revenue stats to help us get a picture of this segment of the app industry.

We have seen fantastic growth in non-gaming revenue over the last decade. If nothing else, this serves as a reminder of just how young the app industry actually is. App Annie also single out the top non-game apps by revenue for each of the six years covered by the analysis, dating apps revenue.

This visualisation allows us to see Netflix and Tinder climbing up the ranking to eventually take and hold the top spots, while Tencent Video jumps straight into third behind them in LINE, the number one non-gaming app by revenue in andwas finally muscled out of the top-two inand then out of the top-five in Pandora Music — another mainstay — actually crept back into the top five after being temporarily muscled out in Pandora is the only app to feature in the top-five apps by revenue in both and Well, they did…Netflix has moved to discontinue this method of revenue generation.

Would-be subscribers will be required to sign up elsewhere…. Mobile gaming will continue to be the primary driver of growth, dating apps revenue.

Asia-Pacific will remain the most-lucrative iOS App Store region, predicts Sensor Tower, though will see the lowest levels of growth between now and It was also the top iOS app by revenue acrossthough only came sixth in the Google Play ranking.

See below for more dating apps revenue revenue statistics on Netflix. We might note, however, that for those looking to generate the most-possible app revenue, iOS is far more important for the time being. Just how much this is worth is reflected by the heavy losses suffered by Apple after this decision was taken.

Tinder was the top-ranking app in terms of Google Play Store revenue. It also came in third in terms of iOS App Store revenue, giving it an overall ranking of second. Tencent Video comes in third place overall, by virtue of its generation of more iOS App Store revenue in than any other app bar Netflix. We might note here that Android app downloads in China are third party rather than going through the Google Play Store — which is why we do not see dating apps revenue Chinese apps featuring in the Google Play app revenue ranking.

It is likely that these apps would rank higher in the overall table if Android revenue was also taken into account — particularly Tencent Video. The other potentially interesting inclusion for those outside the US at least is Pandora: third in Google Play revenue, seventh in App Store revenue, and fifth overall. We usually see Pandora discussed in terms of decline, or being negatively compared to Spotify or Netflix, dating apps revenue.

Here we see, that in terms of app revenue, the US-focused music streaming app is still a major player. Top apps by revenue, excluding games.

By way of snapshot, below we can see the apps that generated the most revenue in June on Google Play. The list is mostly games. Source: Statista. The dating apps revenue below allows us to see the aggressive growth of Netflix app revenue over the past few years.

By the end of the year, Netflix had built up a nearly unassailable lead. Bar a spike in HBO Now revenue in the summer ofdating apps revenue, it has remained unchallenged since.

We might note, however, that Google Play revenue derived from mobile games in increased by a stately This could be down to a number of factors. Sensor Tower posits that it is down to improved efforts to monetise non-gaming apps. It may indeed be that the idea of spending through and on apps has become increasingly normalised as they come to occupy an increasingly prominent part in our everyday lives.

Games enjoyed a head start in this regard, having long required users to part with cash in exchange for cartridges and discs.

We might also note that, according to some analyses, high levels of mobile game downloads are a hallmark of immature markets. Perhaps increasing maturity in several international markets has seen attention — and money — diverted somewhat from gaming to general apps.

Unsurprisingly, given their role as the engine room of app revenue, we are seeing also seeing a slowdown in growth in mobile game revenue derived from the two biggest app stores, in line with the overall slowdown. Dating apps revenue revenue growth stood at Indeed, at App Annie app revenue data shows us to what extend mobile game revenue has grown in the past two years in a range of selected key markets.

Japan has clearly reached a point of saturation which seems unique to it alone, dating apps revenue. Even other mature markets are registering significantly higher levels of growth, albeit from much lower base figure. These dating apps revenue incorporate iOS App Store and Google Play revenue alongside the third-party Google revenue that is essential to get any sort of handle of the true scale of the Chinese market.

Source: Newzoo. Mobile gaming spend overtook other gaming over the course ofwith the gap continuing to widen. Newzoo also breaks down smartphone and tablet predictions, with the ratio at in favour of smartphones.

Growth will principally be driven by emerging markets. The game is so big in China 55 million daily players, according to one sourcewhere it goes by the name Honour of Kingsthat Tencent is planning to pull the plug on the international edition with itsusers to focus on League of Legends.

Its topping of the list is even more impressive when you consider that the figure does not include Android revenue in China which will not come through the Play Store. Westward Journey — also big in China — comes in third in the iOS game revenue ranking and sixth overall. It seems safe to say if we were looking at overall Android data and not just that generated through Google Play these Chinese titles might be even more prominent than they already are….

It is the only title to dating apps revenue in all three top-threes, dating apps revenue. We might note that Northeast Asian titles dominate the very upper echelons of these mobile game revenue rankings. Despite its high profile, Fornite revenue is only sufficient to bring it up to seventh in the global iOS App Store revenue ranking.

It does lead the way in the US see below, dating apps revenue. We might note as well that it is not available through dating apps revenue Google Play Store — which Epic Games has circumvented in order to prevent Google from taking a cut of Fortnite Revenue. The freemium model is very much predominant in mobile game revenue generation. Top mobile games by revenue, Fortnite was the top game in the US in terms of iOS revenue in Remember, this app revenue data pertains to a single market and OS — this figure would certainly be much higher if Sensor Tower had recourse to third-party Fortnite revenue also.

The four aforementioned and Mobile Strike. Video apps are another big growth area in terms of revenue. The status of T-Series as the most-subscribed and most-viewed YouTube channel, as well as the numerous other Indian music-focused channels in those respective rankings, reflect how popular short videos particularly music are in the market. While absolute figures may be relatively low, growth at this level will eventually see a dating apps revenue of the dating apps revenue. China manages dating apps revenue come in fourth, despite these figures being iOS only.

Video is not the only growth area. As we might note from the presence of Tinder in the highest-app revenue charts, only held off the top spot by Netflix, dating apps revenue, the last few years have seen significant revenue generation for dating apps. Tinder leads the way, followed by Bumble which took off in revenue terms in That said, we still see long-established big players in the upper echelons of revenue generation, the likes of Match.

As well as the international big hitters, we see a few more localised apps, particularly in Northeast Asia: Momo and Pairs from Japan, and Momo from China:. As ever, Momo and other Chinese dating apps, dating apps revenue, such as Tantanwould almost certainly register higher up the pecking order if we had access to third-party app revenue figures, as opposed to the Google Play and iOS App Store figures to which we are limited here….

The Dating apps revenue figure is iOS only, which certainly could play a part. Dating apps revenue we see one area at least where app users in the US are willing to spend more money, with a rare second-place in terms of revenue growth, followed by Canada, Japan, and dating apps revenue UK.

This is interesting, as it shows us that while overall growth may be slowing in mature markets, this does not mean a blanket slowdown, but rather shifts in spending habits, dating apps revenue.

Chinese super-developer Tencent tops the list for app revenues — no doubt helped by its operation in both the spheres of gaming and non-gaming apps. In terms of non-game app revenue, however, it is kept of the top spot by dating app-developer IAC and Netflix — showing the tremendous revenue potential in the concept of Netflix and chill….

The prominence of mobile games in terms of app revenue generation is made explicit here, dating apps revenue, with the overall top mobile developers app revenue ranking nearly perfectly dating apps revenue that of game developers. This also represents the dominance of a relatively small number of players in the games market, compared the more diverse non-game app market the presence of long-standing console gaming and action figure powerhouse Bandai Namco is one the clearest representations of the strength of the status quo.

The exception is Naver. The diverse South Korean tech conglomerate, initially known for search, launched as Line in Japan, where it dominates the messenger dating apps revenue space. Clearly the combination of these two, however, dating apps revenue, is sufficient for it to muscle into the overall top app developers by revenue.

Just how much app revenue do top publishers generate? To coincide with app revenue figures for the first quarter ofSensor Tower took a long view of average app revenue for the top earning app publishers in the first quarter of every year since


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Aug 31,  · As we might note from the presence of Tinder in the highest-app revenue charts, only held off the top spot by Netflix, the last few years have seen significant revenue generation for dating apps. Between and we saw a % increase in dating app revenue. Revenue in the Online Dating segment amounts to US$1,m in Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR ) of %, resulting in a market volume of US$2,m by Dating App Market Size. Dating services in the US will be a $3 billion a year business in , growing since the previous year. Around 15% of US adults, or around 50 million Americans, say that they have or continue to use websites or mobile dating apps in their pursuit of romance. Some predict that revenue is expected to grow 25% by