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Founded in , the carrier is wholly owned by Cathay Pacific (CX) and is an affiliate member of the Oneworld alliance. Cathay Dragon operates from a hub at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and flies to about 45 destinations, including more than 20 cities in China. Cathay Dragon; Search Cathay Pacific. Quick links Online check in Manage booking Baggage Flight status Customer support and self-service and aged 12 to 15, are exempted from the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) Tax. Link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as Cathay. Cathay Dragon - Scheduled flights in Asia-Pacific region from Hong Kong, formerly Dragonair. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions/5(1).

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Simply keep Air Dragon in your glove compartment or trunk and pull it out whenever needed, without having to rely on roadside service. But can you expect Air Dragon to work as quickly and easily as the manufacturer makes it seem? Even if you can, dragon air telephone Air Dragon your best option? While the precise details are far outside the scope of this review, traditional air compressors essentially work using a piston to draw air into a chamber, which is then routed into a holding tank.

Then, once the air pressure gets high enough, it can be used to inflate tires, power different tools, and even power cars. The majority of these handheld tire inflators are powered by interchangeable battery packs that can also be used to power other cordless tools, like drills. In a lot of instances, these batteries provide about 19 volts of power, which translates into about PSI. Each Air Dragon includes a home adapter kit that can help you inflate anything around the house, including balls, pool floats, dragon air telephone tires, strollers, and more.

What do we know about Telebrands? Overall, these products and most As Seen on TV products in general, including those from other manufacturers tend come with 2-star or lower average ratings here on HighYa, dragon air telephone.

Common complaints center around failure to work as advertised, poor quality, and difficult customer service experiences. If so, that means it will need to be changed, rendering Air Dragon obsolete. Then, do you have the necessary tools to accomplish this? Do you know how to change a tire safely? Even so, are you in a safe enough area where you can change your tire without risking injury e. Taking these factors into consideration, dragon air telephone, there seems to be a fairly narrow set of car-related circumstances ideally suited to Air Dragon; namely, if your tire is running a little low from normal use.

Outside of this, it seems like Air Dragon might only be useful as a replacement for a manual air pump to inflate things like bike tires, balls, and so forth. Did it perform well, or was the commercial just full of hot air? Give us your insight by writing a review below! Sign up for HighYa newsletter and get our best content delivered in your inbox as well as 3 free eBooks to help you save money and shop smarter.

Enter your email below to get started! My wife got me this for Christmas. I charged the battery then tried to hook up the air hose according to the directions.

After reading some of the other reviews, I understand why it was in a close-out store for only 20 bucks. I'll keep the case to use for something that actually works, but this Dragon's getting tossed! Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Best I could get it to do is 24 lbs, dragon air telephone.

Enough I guess to get to a better compressor. But sort of negates the whole reason to have it. I carry it to be able to use it when needed and 24 lbs just does not cut it.

Any more things are just gimmicks to fleece us of our money and to fill up the waste dumps. There seems to be no pride or morals in manufacturing. Looks great, used it once when I got it. I tried it a year later, it wouldn't work in a cigarette lighter. I charged the battery pack 24 hours and that wouldn't make it work. Dragon air telephone seen the Air Dragon advertised on television for a number of months, it appeared to me to be a piece of convenient equipment I could use to inflate my auto and motorcycle tires from time to time, when they ran low on dragon air telephone from normal dragon air telephone or from not using the vehicle often enough.

I put in my order and got the Air Dragon in a poorly packaged cardboard box that appeared to be made from old cardboard boxes. Once into the box, another box of poor quality contained the Air Dragon. Dragon air telephone looked at the instruction sheet but could not figure out how to inflate my tires.

At some point, I realized that the second part of the portable battery operated drill-sized gadget had not been shipped with my air dragon.

I called the phone number supplied by my credit card account review and obtained the telephone number and called and explained what had happened. The associate kept asking me to further examine the box and the storage compartment of the Air Dragon under the handle or grip. I looked thoroughly and could find nothing.

The associate told me that it was very unusual for the hose not to come with the machine. He then told me that he would send me a whole new Air Dragon as individual parts apparently are not dragon air telephone for the Air Dragon, dragon air telephone. Six days later, I got a new Air Dragon from a delivery truck. The packing material was completely different than the first one, dragon air telephone, but still of poor quality.

The Air Dragon had in the cord storage compartment, the necessary little hose. I plugged the Air Dragon in and initially it did not work, dragon air telephone.

I tried a second accessory outlet in my car, and finally, after running the engine a few minutes, the Air Dragon compressor came on. I followed the instructions but at first had difficulty making the digital read-out screen work. Finally, I got it to function and I dialed in the recommended tire pressures for my car. After about 90 seconds or so, the Air Dragon shut off. There was no additional message with the status of the job which had dragon air telephone performed.

I turned on the car's tire pressure monitoring system and sure enough, the exact amount of air required for my car was reached by the Air Dragon. As I screwed the air hose onto the other tire stems, the hose began to have difficulty both screwing on and screwing off.

I put the Air Dragon aside and then a few weeks later I needed to add a few pounds of air to my car tires. Again, screwing the hose on and taking it off began to become a difficult ordeal. Once on, dragon air telephone, the Air Dragon did its job, dragon air telephone, dragon air telephone the unit became, "too hot.

I assumed that the threads on the unit female section had gone bad. I tried to look inside with a magnifier and a flashlight, but I couldn't really see anything wrong. Final story - the Air Dragon just doesn't work and is made with materials that are so cheap it is no surprise that the Air Dragon doesn't hold up. It is not a product of Mercantile quality and therefore it is part of a fraudulent TV hoax designed just to get the customer to part with his or her money.

I bought Air Dragon for seven months to carry in my car, just in case I would need it. Well yesterday was the day I needed it. My tire was low but not to low.

In my head I was like yeah I finally get to use dragon air telephone. Well big mistake. I plugged it into the lighter outlet and started putting air in the tire, then the dragon started smoking, turned off, and then I unplugged it. It doesn't work now even if it did, I would never use it again.

That's 35 dollars down the drain. I bought two of them. After the fourth time inflating a tire, the air hose ruptured. I have tried to contact Air Dragon to see about a replacement hose, and after several months, I have not gotten a response. It stopped working while I was using it the fourth time inflating my grandkids kick balls. They will not replace it. It has a day warranty and it took almost 30 days to get it after I ordered it. It's a piece of junk. Don't waste your money. This thing is nothing but a toy!

It takes over 15 minutes to pump a normal auto tire up to 30 psi, and continually cuts out during air delivery. After several uses the red plastic "nose" brakes into two pieces rendering the thing as useless.

I used the Air Dragon on two different occasions, and it worked fine. However, dragon air telephone, when I needed to use it again for the third time, it didn't work, nothing! Right now, it's useless. I'll let you know what happens after I contact the company. I got sucked in by the TV ad and bought an Air Dragon, dragon air telephone. What a waste of money. It is clumsy and difficult to set, and the gauge appears to be cheap junk.

Now I got to work out how to return it without costing the earth. My wife got me one of these for Xmas and used it once for the first time just today and the thing quit and smoke started to roll out of it! What a piece of JUNK. I thought it might be something minor so I took it apart to look at, and the piston rod plastic broke off the piston for the little compressor, locked it up, and that was the end of it, dragon air telephone.

I would dragon air telephone buy one of these ever again, dragon air telephone. Can't anybody understand that? Oh yea, an engineer probably designed it. Dragon air telephone our free how-to guides and tips that will help you become an informed consumer, save money, and shop smarter. Sign Up. For Business log in Contact Us.


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Cathay Dragon - Scheduled flights in Asia-Pacific region from Hong Kong, formerly Dragonair. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions/5(1). Contact Us Our Location. Flying Dragon Air Rifles Flying Dragon Air Rifles Walnut St. Burt Iowa United States E-mail and Paypal- [email protected] Telephone () Opening Times AM to noon Monday through Friday. Contact Form. Your Name. E-Mail Address. Founded in , the carrier is wholly owned by Cathay Pacific (CX) and is an affiliate member of the Oneworld alliance. Cathay Dragon operates from a hub at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and flies to about 45 destinations, including more than 20 cities in China.