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Jan 16,  · Top apps to quit smoking Smoking is bad for you: fact. Amongst other things, it causes lung cancer, high blood pressure, emphysema and prematurely ages your shopsecrves.gqon: Regent Street, Clifton, BS8 4HU, Bristol.

3 Best Free iPhone Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

After many hours of studying tobacco, nicotine and the subject of quitting, I came to this conclusion…. Sometimes, quitting can be as easy as shifting our mindsets but other times quitting can as complicated as trying multiple therapies at once. The invention of smartphones was a big evolution in human history. It changes how we do things to a whole new level.

Usually, when people talk about quitting cigarettes, they talk about therapies, vaping or medications. Google Play Rating: 4. Quit Tracker has a clean white-and-red interface that makes it easy to track your stop smoking apps uk. You can see money saved, view your increased life expectancy, and check weekly and monthly progress reports. Reach milestones and earn personal rewards for sticking to your promise. This app only has the most necessary tracking features.

A notes section lets you track progress in your own words. Key features: Simple interface and progress statistics. This app features a colorful interface and fun badges. A countdown timer encourages you to stay clean until your health improves. You can choose to slow down and quit gradually if you prefer. EasyQuit lets you enter your own motivational messages.

The app also includes a fun memory game to help you resist cravings. Money statistics and badges track your progress. As a final touch, EasyQuit lets you personalize the app with 28 different themes. The design is cute, fun, stop smoking apps uk, and approachable, stop smoking apps uk. Key features: Personalization, memory game, stop smoking apps uk, and home screen widgets. App Store Rating: 4. This progress tracking app contains a diary to help you quit.

The more you fill it out, stop smoking apps uk, the more you understand about your cravings. Earn badges for staying nicotine free and learn about your daily habits. Log your cravings, achieve milestones, and watch as your health steadily returns. The thing we love about this app is it awards you with badges and trophies for every day that you successfully quit.

It also lets you use personal messages and reminds you of your loved ones. It includes tips and facts that explain how dangerous smoking can be. Smoke Free is designed to integrate with your smartwatch. It also comes with a home screen widget for easy access. Key features: Progress meters and craving log, stop smoking apps uk, device integration, and home screen widget, stop smoking apps uk.

Monitor your health and feel proud of yourself with brightly colored progress meters. Achievements and community profiles encourage you to stay on track. This app includes frequently asked questions about quitting and a list of books for further reading. Key features: Community profiles and additional resources.

Smoking costs a lot of money. Get Rich or Die Smoking focuses on the monetary benefits of quitting. You can also check health meters and receive achievements for your hard work. The app includes informational screens and motivational advice to help you find the strength to quit.

One of the best features is a community section; you can see messages from other smokers and learn how they plan to spend their smoke-free windfall. Key features: Savings meter and community forum.

Cessation Nation is a simple quitting app with a bold interface and a few handy features. Like most apps on this list, you can track your progress and achieve milestones while you resist cravings.

This app also comes with a fun and distracting game to keep your mind off the way you feel. The achievements have witty titles, and every progress meter is shown in large, stop smoking apps uk, bold letters. This app will send you notifications to help you stay on track. Key features: Fun game to keep you distracted. Quit Genius is a gamified app with a simple quitting strategy. Start by planning a quit date and committing to it. Once your quit day arrives, the app will provide resources and tools to keep you motivated.

Listen to audio sessions and try breathing stop smoking apps uk to get over your cravings. This app also lets you chat with a personal quit coach.

A premium subscription is required to unlock all of the features. Key features: Breathing exercises and chats with your quit coach. This app takes quitting extremely seriously. Daily quotes and facts help you understand the true dangers of smoking. The app is designed with white text on a black background; this stark contrast keeps your mind on your goals.

Ten different readouts track your progress while you quit. You can see the health of your heart, lungs, and brain improve. The bottom of the main screen includes a motivational message to keep you going. Key features: Real-time readouts and daily advice. The streamlined, navy-blue interface shows your progress through charts and dials. Record your progress and receive achievements for working so hard.

The app lets you decide your own quitting method; you can go cold turkey or gradually reduce your nicotine intake. My Quit Coach encourages you to reach out to the community for encouragement and advice. Key features: Stop smoking apps uk progress charts and community advice. This app delivers on its promise with a simple and free quitting method. The app is full of motivational videos and daily exercises. Watch the intro, listen to the audio sessions, and stop worrying about your cravings.

The audio files in this app include relaxation and sleep hypnosis techniques. The maker recommends that you listen to the relaxation audio every night for three weeks to really see effects. Key features: Audio files and motivational videos. Kwit teaches quitting like a fun and healthy game. Watch your progress and earn achievements for every day that you stay nicotine free.

Deal with cravings by shaking your phone to see a motivational message. This app has a soothing white background and a friendly interface that will make quitting less painful.

Key features: Achievements and motivational cards. Google Play Rating: 3. Positive words and useful advice guide you on your journey.

A savings tracker lets you see how much money you could have spent on smoking. This app comes with daily distractions and recommendations to keep stop smoking apps uk cravings under control. It also tracks your progress in terms of your health and uses badges to provide encouragement. Upload pictures for your personal motivations and refer to them when you feel stressed.

Key features: Daily messages and healthy progress tracking. App Store Rating: 3. Enter your own shopping goals; you can even include a photo of stop smoking apps uk item. Key features: Shopping list and smoke-free clock.

This motivational app tracks your progress with a clean and calming interface. This app tracks your savings in terms of money goals. If you actually set aside the money you would have spend on cigarettes, you stop smoking apps uk earn enough for movie tickets, tech items, and other things you might want.

The lite version of Quit It has limits on the goals and achievements you can unlock. The premium version unlocks all features and includes a few extras.

Key features: Progress tracker and monetary goals. This hypnosis-based quitting method is a calming and relaxing way to let go of your cravings.

Listen to a daily audio session read by a certified hypnotherapist. You can also choose peaceful background music to help you unwind. This app comes with a cool background and complete control over volume and playback. Key features: Daily hypnosis stop smoking apps uk and background music.


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stop smoking apps uk


Jan 16,  · Top apps to quit smoking Smoking is bad for you: fact. Amongst other things, it causes lung cancer, high blood pressure, emphysema and prematurely ages your shopsecrves.gqon: Regent Street, Clifton, BS8 4HU, Bristol.